One rating doesn’t tell the whole story.

Rate every part of a shipper or carrier’s performance, for every job.

Transactional Ratings are here, giving you the ability to write more in-depth reviews of your experience working with partners on our platform. Rate each completed job in 3 distinct categories and make better decisions for your business with the full picture of every carrier and shipper’s performance.

Break it Down

Rate by timeliness, communication and documentation for each individual job.

Hit Rewind

Review previous transaction ratings to get a clear breakdown of every performance.

Lend a hand

Mark certain ratings as “Helpful” to let others see which reviews are most valuable to the community.

Talk it out

Comments and responses allow the two parties to interact for more complete feedback.

NEW! Resolve Disputes Before Leaving a Review

Before leaving a negative rating, shippers and carriers now have the option to resolve disputes directly with the other party.  Remember: once posted, Central Dispatch ratings and reviews cannot be changed. So be sure to take advantage of this feature if you think any problems or misunderstandings can be solved privately.

Tips for Writing Helpful Reviews

Reviews help shippers and carriers make better decisions about who they work with. Make sure each review you write is unbiased, relevant, and doesn't violate our content policy. But writing fair ratings doesn’t just help others. They help you expand your network, transact with new businesses confidently, and grow your business!

Ratings Example

Overall Rating: When evaluating the overall experience, consider if you would feel comfortable doing business with this business again. Use the entire scale (not just 1 and 5 stars!) and rate the overall experience, not just the outcome.


Timeliness: Timeliness alludes to meeting the contracted timing, for pickup, delivery, and any other agreed checkpoints. If it was late, were there external delays that held up the shipment? Was it local or long distance? How late was it?


Communication: Did you need to get in touch with them? Were they easy to work with? Were they professional and responsive?


Documentation: Were documents made available? Everything can be included from gate releases to invoicing. Was paperwork late? Was it incorrect?


Comments: Ratings mean more with comments! Be realistic with expectations and share the reasons you gave the rating you did.


Additionally, you can rate other aspects of your experience, such as: were payment terms met? Would you do business with this company again? and specifically for shippers, Was the vehicle damaged in transit?


How do the new transaction star ratings work?

You can quickly leave one overall rating for each load to share your overall experience, or opt to share detailed ratings for timeliness, communication and documentation (This is optional and does not have an effect on the overall rating). Additionally, if you have more to say, you can leave additional comments based on your experience. We encourage you to leave a thorough review to strengthen our community.

Why are you making this change?

Company ratings encouraged pass/fail judgements where 1 bad experience out of 100 could result in a negative reaction. Lack of accountability did not provide our community with sufficient detail to trust the score.
Transactional ratings provide an opportunity to rate every load so bad experiences can be forgiven, and bad actors can be seen. Comments allow others to judge the validity of the reviews, and to mark them helpful.

Can I still use the old rating system instead of the new rating system?

Moving forward, all ratings will be based on transactions with a company using the star ratings. Company ratings from the old rating system will be visible on the site in addition to the transactional rating.

Old Ratings Button
Are all transactions reviewable?

Verified transactions dispatched through Central Dispatch are able to be reviewed. As of June 29, 2023, you are also able to rate and review canceled transactions booked via Central Dispatch.

In some cases, loads are not dispatched through Central Dispatch for good reason, unfortunately these transactions cannot be rated. Be aware of that risk before transacting away from Central Dispatch.

Do canceled or unverify transactions affect my rating?

As of June 29, 2023, canceled transactions are now able to be rated on Central Dispatch. For completed transactions, only verified transactions can be rated. Loads not dispatched through Central Dispatch will have no impact on your rating and will not count towards your total shipments.

When can I rate canceled transactions?

The ability to rate a canceled transaction will be available to new transactions canceled beginning on June 29, 2023. There is no option to rate any past transactions, even if they fall within the 45-day window.

Will users have the same 45-day timeframe after a cancellation to rate the transaction?

Yes, the timeframe to rate a cancellation is the same as rating a completed transaction - 45 days.

Why is my company receiving a rating if the other company canceled the load?

Both parties can rate a canceled transaction and respond to comments.

How soon are ratings published?
  • Star ratings will be published within 5 minutes of submission.
  • Comments added to the ratings will be published after a review period of 72 hours.
  • Comments are reviewed by an automated filter for language only.
I received a review that I disagree with, what can I do?

The Ratings system will allow users to respond to reviews publically to provide a balanced view of events.

Central dispatch will not delete any reviews with the exception of reviews that include discriminatory, violent or threatening content. With the ability to rate every load, 1 negative review will be inconsequential.

Are reviews editable?

To encourage honest and impartial reviews, all rating and comments are final and cannot be changed once submitted. This prevents users from retroactively changing positive reviews based on a more recent experience.

Can I encourage others to rate me?

Yes! Please encourage your transaction partners to leave ratings for your company.

However, keep it friendly, ratings must not be influenced by favor or threats, attempts to manipulate ratings may incur account suspension.

Are reviews moderated?

To maintain complete transparency in the ratings, Central Dispatch will not moderate reviews for accuracy, with the exception of the comments section, which will only be filtered by language.

However, if the overall rating is 1 or 2 stars, a pop-up box will appear to inform the rater that all ratings are final, and encourage the rater to contact the company to discuss a resolution prior to rating.

Does a company need to send a message and attempt to resolve an issue prior to completing a rating?

The issue resolution email is recommended to resolve a dispute prior to completing a rating, but is not required.

Will anything be visible in the pending transaction tab indicating an email was sent to resolve a dispute?

If an email was sent to attempt to resolve a dispute, the transaction will remain in the pending transaction tab and is available to rate for the 45 days after delivery or cancelation. The email that was sent should be visible to the company with their outbound emails.

What if a company does not respond to the issue resolution email?

Using the issue resolution email is optional. If a company does not respond, the rating company can still rate the company as long as it is within the 45-day time period.

If parties are communicating and attempting to resolve an issue, will the rating time frame be extended?

Ratings can be completed within 45 days of delivery or cancellation. The issue resolution emails do not extend the time frame.

How do I know why a rating was rejected?

The reason(s) for the rejected rating is available on the ratings page in the Rejected Rating tab.

Can a rejected rating be resubmitted?

A rejected rating can be resubmitted during the 45-day period ratings.

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